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Dr. Jared Ryan, MSc Kin, MD, CCFP, CSEP, CEP


Born and raised in Bay Bulls, NL, Jared attended Memorial University where he completed a bachelor and master’s degree in kinesiology. During this time he became a clinical exercise physiologist (CEP) and developed an interest in exercise/lifestyle medicine and preventive health. It was this passion for health promotion that led to him completing medical school as well as a residency in family medicine at Memorial, training in various communities across the province over the past few years.

Having completed his residency in June 2023, Jared is now using his medical training in a number of clinical settings in St. John’s and the surrounding areas. At Ascend Health, Jared will see patients with various acute and chronic medical conditions and injuries, including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries. As part of the multidisciplinary team, he will work with patients to help them set and achieve both health and personal goals through positive lifestyle changes in addition to medical therapies.

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